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About KeyKIOSK

KeyKIOSK is a product owned by KeyBS DMCC www.keybs.net, it is a self-servicing machine designed to be used by many different people,it is often optimized for remote control and management. These machines are deployed in public venues to give people self service access to do payments for different services.

Smart Payment Kiosk

It can be used for Automated Payments, Money Transfer, and Mobile Top up services. KeyKiosk significantly speeds up processing time for any type of transaction remittance quickly and conveniently.

KeyKIOSK comes in different designs , shapes, sizes, and it can be customized as per the customers and business requirements. KeyKIOSK provides so many automated payment services like International and Domestic mobile Top-up, International and Domestic Utility bill payment, E-Government services, Prepaid card top ups, gift vouchers, bus tickets, and TV and Internet payments…etc KeyKiosk screens supported different languages.

KeyKIOSK Main Features

Simple, Easy & Fast

User Friendly

100% Secured

Support Multi Payment Options

Support Multi Languages

Support Multi currencies

KeyKIOSK Electronic Services

Customize Your Own KIOSK

KeyBS is providing the best advanced KIOSK full solution. Starting from the hardware and software, ending with integration and going live with the kiosk, KeyBS is providing the kiosk solution as per the client's requirements and needs.The kiosk solution can be provided to all sectors,such as

KeyKIOSK Hardware

KeyBS is dealing with the most advanced & professtional partners of interactive KIOSK suppliers in the world. Thus; KeyBS providing the following:

  1. The best parts, professtional painting and materials.
  2. User Friendly design and High quality level performance machines.
  3. Different types of machines like the lobby type, wall machines, standing or bolted on the floor and can make wheels to move it.
  4. All KIOSK types that can be used for bill payments, E-payments, Ticketing, banking, transportation, retail and Airport services.

Download Kiosk Hardware Sheet

We appreciate and thank you for choosing KeyClient Software.

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KeyKIOSK as a solution is combined of KeyKIOSK application “KeyClient” and KeyTMS and can be integrated with many online services, informative service, and payment options through KeyBS middle ware


KeyClient Application is the Software which is installed on the KIOSK Machine. It contains multi modules that will be installed as per the business requirements. The modules are Payment, Checking Peripherals, Listener, Encryption, Parsing, Connection Manager, Logging, and Database.

  1. Support Multi Languages (10 Language), like Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu …etc.
  2. Upgradable and Controlled Remotely.
  3. Flexible Payment Options (Cash, Card and Voucher)
  4. Integrated advertisement module.

Download KeyClient Technical Sheet.

We appreciate and thank you for choosing KeyClient Software.

Download Now


KeyTMS suite is a solution which includes 5 modules and can be implemented together or separately:

  1. Terminal Management System Drive.
  2. Middle Ware.
  3. Web Portal.
  4. E-Voucher.
  5. Data Base.


KeyBS have done the integration with more than 92+ services in different sectors such as Telecom, remettance, utility bill-payments, TV & internet...etc.

The integration is done 100% by KeyBS' high qualified team and services were tested for several times before delivering them to the client and going live.

Integration Technology : Web Services Calls based on Soap-XML Messaging Protocol.

Please Fill the application.

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KeyBS is providing multi designs for KIOSKs and can customize a new KIOSK design according to client needs and requirements. Our KIOSKs are available in different types, In-lobby, Through Wall machines, Indoor and Outdoor Specs.

The client can choose any design then any required change can be done on it in terms of shape, color,size...etc

Avaliable Kiosk Designs.

KeyKIOSK is providing multi designs for KIOSKs and can customize a new KIOSK design .

Download Now

Become Franchisee

Entering in any new business is a significant move attempt. But it is also an intelligent one. All business make money, however, all business do not make money for everyone. The success of any business is depending on various parameters.

With the assistance of our experienced team and our business know-how this journey to success would be much easier.

We at KeyBS believe in working with our partners on each step right from the beginning and onward till the end of our journey to success. We trust that our victory is rooted to the success of our partners. As the ecosphere advances rapidly on the route of technological automation, the demand for various automated services too is on the rise. KeyKIOSK is a product which securely facilitates a variety of automated payment services. The admission of this user friendly product that supports multiple languages has been productively accepted by people of all classes and cultures; while meeting the industry's most stringent key performance indicators transcontinentally.

Our franchising model is built on the principles of extraordinary standards of customer service and consistently innovative plus reliable product offerings for our global partner which will not only meet but exceed the expectation of the end user. As a KeyKiosk franchisee, you have procured the support of the entire organization. Through our value added services; training sessions and the support of our operational manual we will systematically guide and prepare you to ensure the success of your business investment.

We at KeyBS not only value the comments and feedback of our franchising partners, but on the contrary we demand them. The feedback of our partners is crucial towards the performance as well as long-term sustainable development of all our current and future products which in turn will lead us to shared prosperity. In the end, we thank you once again for visiting our website and showing interest in KeyKiosk. Please do revert back to us with any queries related to the products or the franchising. We look forward to working with you, while building and strengthening the KeyKiosk network.

Welcome to the KeyKiosk franchise network.

We appreciate and thank you for showing your interest in KeyKiosk franchising.

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DTH service is enabled for DTH subscribers in India, Philippines, Guatemala and Dominican Republic to pay their DTH subscription for the accounts in their home countries using KeyKIOSK

As a fast growing, reliable and best payment automation company, We constantly innovate our products & services enable to deliver a quality service for KeyKIOSK customers

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